SandProof Blanket

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✔️ SAY GOODBYE TO SAND: is the first beach towel to offer a dual-layer mesh technology allowing sand to pass through it. The top layer allows particles to pass through while the bottom layer prevents sand beneath it from rising up. If sand does make its way on the mat despite this, all you need to do is brush it off with your hand to make it fall through the mat, as shown below.
✔️ NEVER LOSE ANYTHING AGAIN: Gone are the days of having to run after your things that are constantly flying away. Indeed, this is equipped with a built-in pocket to store your precious things and comes with 4 peg allowing you to fix the towel in the ground, no matter what kind of soft exterior surface.
✔️ BRING IT EVERYWHERE WITH YOU: With SandProof Blanket, we have thought of everything. Indeed, we understand how useful it is to have a compact size allowing us to bring the oversized towel anywhere with us. It is for this reason that it comes with a pocket-size carrying case.
✔️ IDEAL FOR FAMILIES: A must-have for all families. Indeed, thanks to its large size, it is ideal for your family picnics or a day at the beach.
✔️ WIDE APPLICATIONS: This is perfect for all type of activities such as going to the beach, playing golf, picnic, fishing, camping, festivals and many more!
Material: Polyester & TPU coating
Color: Blue / Army Green (optional)
Size:  1.4 x 2m 
Package Size: 16 * 7cm 
Weight: Approx. 200g 
Package List:
1 * Blanket
4 * Peg
1 * Storage Sack


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