Dachshund Wall Clock

$45.95 $77.99
Love your little sausage dog? Add a touch of dachshund wonder to your decor design, with our fabulous wall clock!

A truly stunning (and utterly adorable) modern time-piece, which will capture everyone's attention from the moment they enter the room.

You choose the clock arrangement, making it totally unique to your home and style.

  • Silent, quartz sweep movement
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy installation

Installation Tips:
1. The positioning of each character is totally up to you.
2. The clock diameter is adjustable within the ranges stated.
3. Position the clock casing first (via picture hook), then use the auxiliary compass-style ruler included to assist with positioning the characters.
4. Please note that the adhesive backing to the characters is reusable and will not damage your wall or leave a residue.
5. Remember to peel off the protective film from the hands and the front of each character!



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