Soundcore Flare IPX7 Portable Bluetooth Waterproof 360' Speaker

$139.95 $199.95

Get ready for summer with this Sound IPX7 Waterproof Soundcore Flare Bluetooth Speaker !

Product Description

1. Balanced 360-degree sound wave divergence, high-fidelity sound, giving you a surround sound listening experience.
2. 5 different styles of rhythm neon mode, visually presenting music, burning!
3. Heavy bass, can be strengthened with one button, heavy metal and vocal switch.
4. TWS left and right stereo pairing, you can pair two Flare into stereo and control their audio channels.
5. IPX7 is heavily waterproof and easy to handle all kinds of rainwater environments.
6. One charge, 12 hours of super battery life.
7. Smart play app to create your own personalized vocal and lighting.

1. Audio output: 6W x 2.
2. Bluetooth version: 4.2.
3. Bluetooth connection range: 20 meters.
4. Support Aux insertion.
5. Battery capacity: 4400mAh.
6. Charging time: 3.5 hours.
7. Play time: 12 hours (depending on the volume and music content).
8. Microphone: Integrated.
9. Enter: Mirco USB 5V/2A.
10. Weight: 530g.
11. Size: 89x89x151mm.




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