AT-HOME DIY IPL Laser Hair Removal

$99.95 $295.95

NEW: Durable 600,000 Time Flash enough for your lifetime with one time investment! Laser is the NEW Razor to remove your body hair with pain-free experience yet effective and leaving you with fuzz-free skin! Comfortable and Effective  results are what The IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset can bring.

Works for any body part: you can use it on your face or anywhere on your body. The IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset uses advanced technology that ensures safety and effective precision for your home hair removal. 

No more clinical laser treatment. You will get long-lasting results at the comfort of your home.

No extra costs, no need to refill!

Most of the time you could be bothered with these problems when come to hair removal. Razor blade is known for dreaded razor burn, waxing needs higher pain tolerance, depilatory cream with the potential of irritating your delicate skin and trips to Hair-Laser Center definitely good but pricier side!

All you need is IPL Laser Hair Remover to get the job done perfectly and last longer. It’s time to drop the Razor and grab a Laser. Save time and Money. This device is engineered to make expensive salon treatment affordable for all. 

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