Automatic Jar Opener




Don't you hate it when the jar lid won't budge? With the Automatic Jar Opener, you won't ever have to worry about the pickle jars lid being 'stuck' ever again!  This super cool kitchen gadget will always be there to lend you some muscle. 


The Automatic Jar Opener has adjustable grips to ensure it has a stronghold no matter what size jar. Simply attach it to the jar lid, push the button and watch as it does the work for you. You'll never have to ask for a helping hand again.




  • Easy to use 
  • Easy to store
  • You don't even have to hold on to the opener- it rotates around automatically
  • Guaranteed to work every time 
  • Works with the push of a button
  • Saves you time trying to open that jar lid that just won't budge 


  • 2 x AA batteries (not included). 
  • Material: New ABS
  • Size: 19X7X9.5CM
  • Weight: 389G


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