Electronic Anti Mosquito Pest Insect Bugs Mosquito Repellent Smart Bracelet

$39.95 $54.95
  • The principle of mosquito repellent: the bracelet rings to imitate the sounds that female mosquitoes hate, such as the sound of male mosquitoes and cockroaches, to achieve mosquito repellent effect.
  • In nature, females are sucking blood and are in the stage of conception. In this price range, female mosquitoes will avoid.
  • Male mosquitoes, avoid secondary pregnancy. So the sound of the male mosquito can be used to achieve mosquito repellent effect.
  • Product features: pure physical mosquito repellent, not chemical drugs to repel mosquitoes, safer, more environmentally friendly, more assured, healthier. Old people, children.
  • Pregnant women and pets can be worn. Products can be worn indoors and outdoors (seaside, park, camping, hiking, fishing).

Repellent Type: Mosquito Repellent Bracelets & Buttons
Rated Voltage: None
Material: Aluminium alloy+ ABS + Silica Gel
Weight: 42g
Size: 11*2.5*4cm
Efficacy: Mosquito insect repellent salamander repellent rat repellent
Package includes:: 1 * Watch mosquito repellent 1* Charging Cable 1 *User Manual
Type: anti-mosquito bracelet and insect repellent



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