Handheld Bluetooth Selfie Stick with Three-axis Stabilization, Automatic Motion Tracking, Panoramic and Multi-angle Shooting

$147.95 $369.65

Be the director of your Life !

The selfie stick adopts a three-axis linkage design, which greatly enhances the stability and freedom of the bracket.

Intelligent image recognition technology can help you chase the target displacement status and take professional photos and videos.

The selfie stick will automatically monitor the balance and support horizontal and vertical shooting.

The selfie stick is lightweight and compatible with most mobile phones.

It also supports 180° and 320° panoramic shooting, helping you easily record every wonderful moment.

You can use the lens zoom and people's movement in the opposite direction to achieve Hitchcock's shooting, which produces a more intense visual impact.

In the "Phone Go" mode, you can quickly use the transition function to easily capture every subtle movement.

APP's intelligent delay photography function allows you to record the flowing time and screen with your phone.

Built-in 2200mAh rechargeable battery, battery life up to 12 hours.

You can access more functions through APP.

You can take professional-level videos and photos with simple operations.




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