Jump Trainers Resistance Bands

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What we have here for you is our unique jump trainers. This is the secret tool to boost your speed, your vertical leaping ability and to enhance the strength of your legs

If you're looking for an instant solution, we're very sorry but this is NOT for you. And honestly, we wish you luck on finding that one.

Nothing worthwhile comes easy, right? To improve something you have to work hard and jump trainers is the perfect tool to get those legs in shape. Run fast and jump higher in no time.

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Most of the physical sports we play rely on our legs. Our speed, agility, balance and our vertical leap. If you are trying to slam dunk that basketball... if you want to go above the net to spike that volleyball... or even if you wanna run so faster than the rest, you have to train your legs properly! There's now way around that.

Training your legs will not just give you speed, agility, and more bounce. It will also make your legs healthy and less prone to injury. That's equals to more playing time! Our Jump Trainers are the perfect way to do that. Get yours today and see the difference!


✔️ Multi-functional sports training device: one-piece design, can be used for hip resistance band, ankle resistance training, leg exercise band, jump training device, speed training, etc.

✔️ Strengthen the legs and boost your speed: The vertical jump trainer can strengthen the legs, hips and core muscles to improve sports performance; running speed, vertical jump, endurance.

✔️ Isolate and exercise gluteal muscles: Our vertical jump trainer aims to mainly isolate and exercise gluteal muscles with proper resistance.

✔️ Comfortable & safe to use: The soft latex material is comfortable, convenient, and safe to use. Adjustable straps and ankle straps are suitable for most people.

✔️ Increases balance: This jumping coach increases muscle balance, vertical and horizontal jumping ability,


This jumping coach increases muscle balance, vertical and horizontal jumping ability.

Helps you to perform better at any sport

Increase lower body dynamic strength by increasing resistance to training and training exercises.

It can also improve posture and prevent injuries.

Color: green, black, yellow, red, blue

Resistance: 35lbs

Package Included:

2 x Comfortable leg straps

2 x resistance band

1 x belt

1 x tote bag



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