Magnetic Levitating Rotating Shoe Display

$245.94 $329.95

This Levitation Shoe Display is AMAZING!! If you've been looking for the a unique way to display your sneakers, this is the item for you! In your room, office, at the shop or anywhere else!. The display uses magnets to give make the shoes float in the air. With a quick spin your sneaker will rotate with the help of the magnetic motor. LED lighting completes the display for the entire effect!

The Magnetic Levitating Rotating Floating Shoe Display is next level. Meticulously designed to show off your favorite shoes (and other items) to the world. Includes 360 rotating capabilities and built-in lamp to showcase every inch of your prized possession and keep it in constant view. 

With the use of magnets and unique "C" design, your item is in a constant, stable levitation. 

Being a center piece for any room, your friends and family will be in awe when they see this and will want to try it with their shoes as well!

The Magnetic Levitating Rotating Shoe Display lamp stand utilizes a strong magnet that you can easily insert into the heel of the show to make it float.


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