Portable Exercise Handle Grips Gym Training Grip Strength Sling Trainer for Pull-up Bars Barbells and Pulling Machines

$39.95 $64.95

Train your body like it was intended !

Ever feel like your grip during a workout didn't feel comfortable? Leaving you feeling restricted to one strict range of motion and ultimately not achieving the results you deserve? Well now that is a thing of the past with these professional  exercise handle grips.

These grips will allow you to get the most out of your workout. Promoting more stabilization and body tension, allowing for greater muscle growth and lowering your risk of injury. It's adjustable design allows for a more natural range of motion relieving tension in your hands and wrist. It is also portable so you can easily carry and use where ever you work out. Best accessory for any pull exercise.

Do not wait another second, buy your grips today and take your workout routine to the next level !


package includes:

Handles only or Handles and resistance bands





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