Portable Travel Bidet Sprayer

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Portable Travel Bidet Sprayer

Travel Portable Bidet Sprayer

Portable Travel Bidet Sprayer, Electric Bidet Sprayer with Auto Decompression Film and 180 Degree Adjustment Nozzle (140ml) Bidet, also known as irrigator, the bidet is a personal health care product and the basic product of home building materials.

Which can be equipped with hot water, for washing children's buttocks, cleaning pregnant women, cleaning women's private rooms, cleaning hemorrhoids and patient care. It is also a cleaning tool necessary for public or outdoor trips.
New Upgrade: New Auto Decompression Film Solves Water Instability, New Upgrade Alloy Filter Can Effectively Prevent Outlet Blockage, Can Let You Wash Directly Underwater, Everything Is only for better quality assurance.

Extreme experience: our portable travel bidet can make you feel comfortable and clean every time you use it, which gives you a flawless feeling out of the shower. Best gift as a portable bidet for travel abroad, business trips, outdoor activities, wound cleaning or baby / pregnant care.


  • 1 * Portable Bidet
  • 1 * Manual


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