Pregnant Car Seat Belt Adjuster

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170,000 pregnant women experience car accidents every year and 3,000 pregnancies are lost from car accidents every year. 

Traditional car seat belts pose a threat to the pregnant mother's safety. During an accident, the extreme force exerted onto your belly from the lap belt will be extremely harmful to the unborn baby inside you. The seat belt in its original design, does more harm than good, that is why the Baby Safe Seat Belt is here. 

The Baby Safe Seat Belt redirects the lap belt away from the belly, securing the seat belt on the legs (not across the low belly where it can injure your unborn baby). It eliminates the danger of putting pressure on the belly in case of sudden braking or traffic accident. The Baby Safe Seat Belt reduces the risk of the unborn child’s injury in the case of a car accident. 

While using the Baby Safe Seat Belt, the seat belt does not press the belly and it is not necessary to adjust it repeatedly, which provides the expectant mother with comfortable driving. It can also be used by people with abdominal obesity, after abdominal surgery and after a caesarean section operation.


- Safe and Comfortable: The Baby Safe Seat Belt positions the seatbelt across the legs, instead of over the belly. This eliminates the discomfort for growing bellies. It allows pregnant drivers to focus on the road, as well as pregnant passengers to ride safely and more comfortably.
- Easy To Use: No extra steps involved in fastening and securing your seat belt. All you have to do is securely install The Baby Safe Seat Belt once for all day everyday use!
- Free Sized: The Baby Safe Seat Belt can be fastened tightly in car seat, it's not movable, and no matter your size, it works!
- Perfect for Recovery: Anyone who has just gone through abdominal surgery, stomach surgery or caesarean section will be able to heal properly without a belt damaging the wound.
- If you switch seats/cars a lot, (for eg. from driver to passenger, or own 2 cars or more) we recommend buying 2 at discounted price, so you don't have to keep moving The Baby Safe Seat Belt. We care about your baby health as much as you do. 


- Put Safety Belt in the gap between the seat and the backrest
- Then the belt should be moved underneath the seat. Make sure that the belt is not twisted
- The end of the belt should be looped through the upper and lower hole of the buckle

- The belt should be tightened strongly by pulling it downwards



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