U Shaped Electric Pulse Neck Massage Pain Reliever

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Fed up with neck pains? Do you want to relieve the pains from sitting over a desk all day long? Then our U Shaped Electric Pulse Neck Massage Pain Reliever is what you need!


✔️ 3D Floating Electrode Pad: Perfect and universal cutting neck design, magnetic technology design can promote blood circulation.

✔️ Ergonomic Design: The flexible arm is made of skin-friendly silicone outer material, which is suitable for the natural curve of the neck, environment and softer neck care.

✔️ External Pad: 2 electrodes can be used for pulse massage by connecting cables, which is very suitable for massage of other parts of the body, and can also be used for neck massage.

✔️ Warm and Comfortable Massage Effect: By pressing the middle button (providing 3 heating gears) with heating function, it can improve blood circulation, soothe tired muscles and completely relieve pain.

✔️ 6 Massage Modes and 15 Intensive Modes: 6 massage modes (shaving asa, acupuncture, massage, pulse massage, cupping and spanking) and 15 adjustable strengths can provide different massage pleasures according to your needs.

✔️ Widely used: Suitable for daily neck skin care, neck relief, mild neck injuries and spots.

✔️ Large life companion: Lightweight, compact, small footprint, easy to carry, can be used at home, office and travel, enjoy massage anytime, anywhere.


Before using, please pat the neck with a damp towel to avoid pain during puncture.


1) Before use, first wet the towel of the wet cervical skin, then place the product on the neck, place the electrode near the cervical skin, adjust the position of the product, turn on the host and adjust the appropriate intensity and massage method .

2) Press the [ON / OFF] button to switch to the default mode, the default gear (0 gear).

3) Press [M] to enter the switching mode. There are 6 modes in total.

4) Press the [+] / [-] buttons to adjust the intensity. There are 15 kinds of intensity available.

5) Press the middle button for heating. Flash once with low fire, twice with medium fire, three times with high temperature, then press heat to turn off the heat.


Material: ABS, silicone

Voltage: 5 volts

Battery capacity: 1200 mAh

Power: 100-240VAC

Power: USB

Charging time: 2 hours

Use time: 2-3 hours

Preset time: 15 minutes

Mode 6

Intensity: 15

Charging indicator: Flashing red when charging, green when fully charged

Package Contents:

Host x 1

USB x 1

Electrode patch x 2

Electrode, cable x 1

User Manual x 1


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