Ultra-Shine Metallic Brush Pens

$21.95 $39.95

 Our set of Ultra-Shine Metallic Brush Pens feature lovely shimmery hues that can be used on many different surfaces, light or dark. 😉

Smooth and Satisfying Ink

Our pens are made with ultra-smooth ink making them perfect for any type of lettering or calligraphy projects (or even just for fun!). If you think it's satisfying to watch these pens in action, just wait until you try them in person!

The brush is truly a unique pen. It has the portability of a pen (built-in ink), the pressure sensitivity of a calligraphic oblique pen, and the operability of a traditional brush.

- 10 piece set


Line width: Hard head 1 mm, soft head 1-2mm

Uses: Painting, coloring, greeting cards

Color: Blue, gold, purple, dark green, brown, silver, pink, grass green, gray and white

Note: For white color, due to the varied ingredients it takes 1 minute to appear


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