Universal Spray Paint Guide Tool

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Make your Painting projects Easier !

How many times have you wanted to redecorate but been put off by having to cover all your furniture and carpets?

Now, with the Universal Spray Paint Guide Tool, you can say goodbye to all this hassle! Equipped an airless 315 sprayer nozzle for your convenient use, you can easily spray right up to the edge without tape or shield. It extends long pole sprayer nozzle and helps to create a clear color wall spraying effect, from that can avoid wrong spraying due to paint splash. Designed to save time and avoid many problems like paint drips, sags & trapped air bubbles, it is widely utilized in house renovation or even DIY projects. Guaranteed that the ultimate painting tool provides quality finish works!



  • Simple To Use: Spray Paint Guide Tool is simple to put together and decreases the amount of cleanup time that comes with a standard paint sprayer. Since the spray head and body are adjustable, you can effortlessly cut-in around windows, rooflines, and doors like a pro!

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  • Efficiency: This paint gun will make your spray paint job much faster and easier. The combination of the versatile nozzle and the freewheeling disc of this airless paint sprayer leads to a clean painting experience.

  • Universal Design: The revolutionary design of this paint sprayer is compatible with any size extension pole so you can spray paint without the use of a ladder. This allows for mess-free painting!

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  • High Quality: Spray Guide Tool is made with premium steel which makes it heavy-duty and tough. The outer coating is anti-corrosive, so this spray paint guide tool can be used repeatedly.

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