Windshield Repair Kit Quick Fix Car Cracked Glass Tool

$24.95 $49.95


 Cracked Glass Nano Repair Fluid is designed to repair glass damages in 20 mins! You can fix bulls-eyes, cracks, chips, spider webs and star damages safely, easily and inexpensively.

Features an advanced resin formula, it fills in cracks and stop these imperfections to lengthen or enlarge.
Perfect to repair any glass surface including car windshields, smartphones, tablets, PCs and any gadget.

  • Repair Any Glass Damage
    Repair all types of glass chip and cracks including bugs, cobwebs, bulls-eye, half-moon cracks, star-shaped damages, combination breaks, etc.
  • Quick repair in 20 minutes!
  • Invisible Repair
    Vacuum air out from the crack and fill with advanced resin formula that bonds cracks and chips. It creates an invisible, undetectable repair in car windshields or laminated glass for windows.
  • Long Lasting
    Restore damaged glass to near new condition and ensure a long-lasting maintenance effect.
  • Easy to Use
    Apply the repair fluid on cracks directly. Put on the curling strip and let it dry and solidify under sun for 5-10 minutes. Scrape off the resin residue with a spatula.
  • Time-Saving & Cost-Effective
    DIY repair takes only 20-30 minutes. Save your time and money from buying a brand new windshield.
  • Wide Application
    Repair any glass damages on car windshields, smartphones, tablets. PCs and any gadget.
  • Material: Plastic, rubber, resin (repair fluid)
  • 1 x Repair Fluid
  • 1 x Repair Device
  • 1 x Curing Strips
  • 1 x Sleeved Razor Blade
  • 1 x Instruction Sheet



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